PADI Instructor Development Course


  •  PADI DiveMaster or qualifying certification from another training organization

Don't dream your life,
live your dreams. 

If you like people, have a passion for scuba diving and want an extraordinary life – become a PADI Instructor. Teaching scuba diving allows you to share your love of the aquatic world with others while doing what you enjoy – being in, around and under water.


PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors and PADI Assistant Instructors are the most sought-after dive professionals around the world because they’ve completed the program that sets the standard for training dive professionals. You earn a PADI Instructor rating through hard work and commitment, but you’re rewarded with a job that lets you share incredible underwater adventures with others – transforming their lives for the better and enriching yours.


  • Reservations are required.

  • Minimum age is 18.

  • You must also have been a certified diver for at least six months and be able to prove that you have completed at least 60 dives (100 before attending the IE). 

  • If you have any questions as to whether you meet the necessary prerequisites, please contact your PADI Course Director or PADI IDC Staff Instructor.



  • The price for the IDC class is NTD 67,000 which includes unlimited use of tanks during the class. It does not include any other equipment or materials. 

  • Additional materials that you’ll need:

    1) The New IDC Crew Pack (AUD 751.65) which contains:

    Open Water Prescriptive Lesson Guides,Diving Knowledge Workbook, Divemaster Instructor Cue Cards, Adv. In Diving Inst. Cue Cards, Rescue Cue Cards, OW Lesson Planning Slate, CW Lesson Prep Slate, CW Aq. Cue Cards, OW Aq. Cue Cards, OW Quizzes and Exams, Rescue Diver Final Exam, DM Final Exam Booklet, PADI Backpack, PPB Instructor Guide, Student Skill Practice Slate.

        2) Instructor application fee is AUD 249     

        3) Instructor examinaion fee is AUD 865     


What can PADI Instructor do?




  • Instructor development standards, procedures and curriculum

  • How to organize and conduct the PADI Assistant Instructor course

  • Plus, you’ll get to audit an IDC or practice teaching many curriculum components.

  • The psychology of evaluation and counseling

  • Evaluating knowledge development, confined water and open water teaching presentations


2018 Upcoming schedules 


PADI IDC Course February 26 - March 5

PADI Instructor Trial Exam March 6 - 7

PADI Instructor Examination March 9 - 11



PADI IDC Course April 30 - May 7

PADI Instructor Trial Exam May 8 - 9

PADI Instructor Examination May 11- 13



PADI IDC Course July 9 - 16

PADI Instructor Trial Exam July 17 - 18

PADI Instructor Examination July 20 - 22


PADI IDC Course August 20 - 27

PADI Instructor Trial Exam August 28 - 29

PADI Instructor Examination August 31 - September 2



PADI IDC Course November 12 - 19

PADI Instructor Trial Exam November 20 - 21 

PADI Instructor Examination November 23 - 25


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