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Course price

$=NTD per day

All course are teach with PADI system. Feel free to ask us for more courses and details!

Discover Scuba Dive(Shore Dive)

Discover Scuba Dive(Boat Dive)

PADI Bubble Maker

Fun Dive(Shore Dive)

Fun Dive(Boat Dive) 

Re-Active Course(Helf Day)

Re-Active Course(Full Day)

Scuba Diver Course 

3Days Open Water Diver Course(Shore Dive) 

4Days Open Water Diver Course(Add 1 Boat Dive) 

Advanced Open Water Diver Course(Shore Dive) 

Advanced Open Water Diver Course(Boat Dive) 

Rescue Diver Course(for 1 by 1)

Emergency First Response Course

Rescue Diver Course+Emergency First Response Course

Divemaster Course

Enriched Air Diver Course

Sidemount Diver Course

Drysiut Diver Course

Full Face Mask Diver Course





















Gears rental price list

$=NTD per day

Mask and Snorkel




Weights and weight belt



Full set of gear(Above item included)

Vest and Hood

Dive Computer

Surface Marker Buoy














About our gears

Widely use the brand of TUSA, AQUALUNG, SUUNTO, and all regularly serviced for the quality control.

About our air

To ensure the breathing quality, we use BAUER AIR COMPRESSOR to provide the cleanest, purest air.

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